Maternity Photoshooting in Munich

"You don't just get any pictures. You will get "WOW" pictures that you will love and leave you speechless. You don't just buy photos. You invest in the memory of this really special, once or twice in a lifetime experience and, above all, unique, irretrievable time. You create memories not only for yourself, but for all generations after you. You invest in an "all-round carefree package", in my expertise and you will be guided step-by-step through the shooting. You capture this moment for eternity. And the value behind it is just priceless." 
Jennie Tilgner, Maternity Photogaph Expert

I have a lot of international clients from all around the globe: USA, India, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Peru, Singapore, South Korea etc. I am quarter Scottish and I used to live in London. As I am fluent in English, I am more than happy to schedule a session in English with you. For me personally, the best time of day for a pregnancy photo shoot in Munich in nature is just before sunset or sunrise. Since there is only one sunset a day, this slot is super exclusive and is available for booking only once a day. There are wonderful places for baby bump photo shoots in and around Unterföhring all year round. It is important to have a real professional at your side, especially for sunset photography, because the light changes every minute and the actual sunset is limited to a few minutes, so that every picture has to be technically on point. I am a multiple award winning photographer, I have already photographed almost 1000 baby bumps during sunset since 2015 and I am a professional in staging you beautifully.


My offer is tailored to your needs: The shooting fee covers the shooting, the provision of high-quality, handmade baby bump dresses (from boho to elegant), correspondence, location scouting and planning. I provide a client closet, with almost 50 dresses, exclusively for my customers to make the session and that you will feel- very special. You don't need to worry about your outfit or buying an expensive dress for the shoot that you won't be able to wear afterwards anyway. My dresses are flattering and comfy and will bring out the bump the best. Of course, photos with your partner, siblings or the dog are also included, if you wish. The total shooting price consists of the shooting fee and the selected photo package: A sunset session starts with  an investment of 549€ including 12 edited images of the photosession.  You dont' have to worry about anything: all included, which means: full transparency and no hidden costs.

Just a few days after our maternity shoot, I will provide your with your "wow" pictures of our session ( you will get 100 to 400 already edited pictures to choose from) in a password-protected online gallery to pick and select your favorite pictures. Once you have seen and carefully checked all your images, you can decide, which  you love the most and you want to include in your package. 


The baby belly photo shoot in Munich takes place during the week in the evening.This special experience can be easily combined with your job commitments, as the sunset is in the evening (depending on the month). 




When is the best time for a maternity session?

The best timing for a maternity shoot is from the 27th week of pregnancy to the 36th week. I recommend scheduling the session in week 30th (+/- 2 weeks). For twin pregnancies I recommend the shooting in week 28th (+/- 2 weeks). After that it is possible that there is no time left for a session, because some babies cant wait to enter this world or the weather conditions won't make it possible to set up the shooting. 


I want to do a pregnancy shoot with you, do you have an appointment in the next 2 weeks?

If you are interested in a baby bump shoot in nature, get in touch as early as possible. Sometimes spontaneous appointments are still possible, but usually no longer at sunset, but only at sunrise. As the sunset is only once per day, and strictly limited, I can only give one date for this slot per day. I only work with committed reservations and a deposit fee. You can check all available dates here on my website (click here).


When will I get an answer to my inquiry or email?

It's important to me that you get an answer to your request as soon as possible, so you can expect a response from me within 24 hours. On public holidays and weekends I am checking my e-mails irregularly, so an answer can sometimes take longer.


Whats the investment for a maternity shooting with you?

My baby bump shoots start at a total price of 549€ with 12 edited images.



What is included in the maternity session?

The package covers the correspondence, the shoot itself and the rental dress/ my client closet for the session, providing your best images (100 to 400) in a password-protected gallery and your selected photo package.


Is the baby belly shooting possible with my partner?

Of course! A pregnancy is a very special time for both parents. I design the shooting according to your wishes and am always happy when the partners are there to support and cheer you on during the session. Your core family (your partner, your own children and pets) are always included. If other family members (grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt etc) want to be part of the shooting, this will be charged with €50 per person. Please let me know in advance, who will participate in the session. 


How is the session going?

After making a final booking/reservation, we agree on a rough date, which can be postponed again depending on the weather. I will contact you 1-2 days in advance to confirm the date or to suggest an alternative date. You will then receive all further information about the process, what you can bring with you and further recommendations for the session in regards of preparation. The info mail contains a link to my client closet gallery. You can choose your favorite dresses in advance, which I will take with me to our session. We meet on the day of the shoot at the agreed time and you can then choose your final favorite clothes from my collection. If you wish, I can also give advise on what to wear and suits your type and shape. Then we start the shooting. I'm happy to give you tips on poses, guide you through and show you what looks particularly good. I want the shooting to be a very special experience for you, because every pregnancy is very special and unique and I want you to have the best time. 


Do you provide clothes?

Yes, I have almost 50 different and high-quality dresses from well-known suppliers in the industry in sizes 36 to 44/46. Many dresses in a casual boho style, but also classic and elegant dresses are included. All are lovingly handcrafted and specially made for the needs of a pregnancy shoot. I attach great importance to the quality and materials. The dresses have a value of €150-1,200€ per dress and they will make you look outstanding and just beautiful. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own clothes that you feel particularly comfortable in, as the clients closet is just an option. 


I'm petite and quite small, you write the dresses start from size 36, do they fit me?

I've already photographed almost 1000 baby bumps and had many clients with this exact question. First of all: you don't need to worry about it. The dresses that I offer in my collection are specially made for maternity photo shoots and are not comparable to conventional maternity retail fashion. However, the providers usually only offer dresses starting from size 36. But that's not an issue, because they fit more sizes (size 36 then fits size 32-38/40), adapt to the body and are stretchy. Most dresses are onesize anyway, so they fit all sizes and shapes.You will have plenty dresses to choose from and I can also give you some recommendations, because I have a few dresses that are shorter than others.


Do you have any tips, outfit tips for our shoot?

I recommend that you match your outfit with your partner or family. Light, muted colors, like neutrals look beautiful. I would recommend wearing neutrals, beige, brown, khaki, colors you can find in the nature. Please avoid bright colors like red, prints, patterns or writings on your outfit. Your partner can’t go wrong with a Jeans or a beige or brown chino with a white shirt. 


Where is the session located?

I always scout new locations, depending on the season and flowering period. It depends on the month. In general, it can be said that it will be in the north of Munich, around Unterföhring. For some locations you will need a car to get there, some are also easy reachable by bus and train. 


When is the shooting?

My Sunset maternity session are scheduled during the week (Monday to Friday) in the evening. Sunrise shootings start with the sunrise in the morning. I do not offer shootings on weekends or public holidays.


I have booked an outdoor session. What if its suppose to rain in our shooting date?

Of course, the weather cannot be predicted 100% and there is always a risk with outdoor shootings that the session will have to be postponed to another day or time. I always shoot, just not in constant rain and dense fog. If the forecast is bad two to three days prios the session, we will find a new date or time.

The weather data is currently very imprecise, so that forecasts are not reliable even on the same day. I am as flexible as possible and, to a certain extent. For best results: I also wish that from my customers for this special occasion.


Should we bring something to the shoot?

Yes, you can bring everything that should be in the photo: an ultrasound image, cuddly toy, a name necklace, etc.

Also: It would be important for the woman to wear skin-colored underwear that does not cut in and to bring shoes that go with a light-colored dress.


Can you recommend a hair and makeup professional?

Sure! Over the years I have built up a great network. I always give out 3-5 recommendations on request so that you can choose your favorite for your needs. Please discuss the option of flexibility in advance, as it may be possible, that we have to postpone our originally agreed date due to the weather.


How and when do I get my images?

You will receive a link to your preview gallery shortly after the shoot (about 5 working days). There you can choose your favorite images and your picture package. The final images will be made available to you within 7-10 working days if you choose quickly. If you need longer, then that's not an issue either. However, the order then falls into a different processing cycle and you will receive your final photos no later than 4-6 weeks after the shoot. They will be made available to you online for download, the prints and, if included in your chosen package, the flash drive will be on their way to you a few days later.


I've made my final choice, what's next?

I give your pictures the finishing touches after the final selection. As soon as the pictures have been finalized, I will make them available online for you to download. If prints are included in your package, they will be ordered afterwards and will reach you by post about 4-6 weeks later.


I would like to get earlier to gift the pictures for Christmas/Easter/Birthday. Can you please edit them faster?

I'll do my best to finalize the images as quickly as possible. However, I have a large number of shoots and assignments. The processing time is 7 working days to 6 weeks, depending on how quickly you select your pictures. If you need the photos faster or by a specific date, please add the “rush my order” option. You will receive the photos with this add-on within 5 working days.


Can we get the unedited pictures?

I do not sell unedited images. All of the images you see have already been optimized, i.e. edited. With the purchase of the image files you acquire the simple, private rights of use. Subsequent processing is prohibited under German copyright law. You get the number of images included in the selected image package. Of course you can also buy individual files at any time. You can find the conditions in the menue "pricing"


How do I pay for the shoot? Do I need to bring cash?

You don't need to take cash with you or worry about paying in advance of the session. I will send you an invoice after the session. You can easily transfer the amount.


Has my payment arrived or can you confirm receipt of payment?

Please understand: With the large number of customers and invoices, I do not confirm the individual receipt of payment. I only send out a reminder if there is a delay in your payment.


What are the restrictions regarding Corona?

I follow the guidelines of the Chamber of Crafts. I still do not shake hands, but will welcome you with a warm smile and keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters if possible. I still wear an FFP2 mask for newborn shoots.


I can't attend the shooting, what happens then?

It's a shame when something unpredictable comes up. We are trying to reschedule the appointment first, because a session is often still possible at a later date (e.g. in the event of illness). If your plans have changed and you cannot participate, please let me know as soon as possible, as according to the terms and conditions, cancellation fees apply if you cancel the session (always in the amount of the appointment reservation fee). If I receive the cancellation less than 48 hours before the appointment, I can no longer give the appointment to someone else. In this case, a cancellation fee will be charged in the amount of the full booked service.



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